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Overseas order service partly resuming

Australian Post advice most of air mail has been resuming since 9 Jun 2020, we can post order to most of Asia countries, USA ,part of EU, but not inclusive Middle East, Canada.

Please click link below for details.

Australian Post update

However, due for less of flight, delivery time will be longer than pass.

If you are not sure your country service is resuming, please email us before place order, we will check for you. email: bell@taau.com.au

update date: 12 Aug 2020


New paypal shopping cart:

Customers in Australia will not need to add postage, as the system will calculate this automatically.

Please double check your delivery address is up to date. We will post to your paypal registered address only.

If you wish to receive your purchase at a different address , please provide the correct address on your paypal payment instructions.


Overseas customers:

1. Please add postage surcharge before check out.

2.Overseas Customers are liable for any import duty or fees charged by your local customs service.

3. We don't post to New Zealand and Belgium from 1 Dec 2019.

Notice for domestic customers:

During Corona Virus period, Our online order system still open as normal, however, some delay on delivery is expected

Please allow extra time for delivery.
Thanks for your patient!

Delivery time frame:

Australia: about 3~5 working days
Asia : about 2 weeks
other region : 2~3 weeks
* extra time may need during Corona virus period.


1. Pure Australian Spirulina tablets

Product : 50g Australian Spirulina
Contains : 100 tablets(500 mg each)
Ingredient: 100 % pure Spirulina

Price : $ 22
Gross weight : 70g


Product : 100 g Australian Spirulina
Contains: 200 tablets (500 mg each)
Ingredient: 100 % pure Spirulina
Recommend for new User.

Price :
AU$ 38
Gross weight : 120g


Product: 180g Australian Spirulina
Contains: 360 tablets (500 mg each)
Ingredient: 100 % pure Spirulina

AU$ 55
Gross weight : 220g

500 g Australian Spirulina
Contains : 1000 tabs(500mg each)
Ingredient : 100 % pure Spirulina

AU$ 140
Gross weight : 600g



Buy following 2 x 100g or 2 x 180g or
2 x 500g tablets for postage free

( within Australia only)

Product : 2x 100 g Tablets
Ingredient: 100 % pure Spirulina

Price : AU$ 76
Free postage
( In Australia only)

: 2x 180 g Tablets
Ingredient: 100 % pure Spirulina

Price : AU$ 110
Free postage
( In Australia only)

Products : 2x 500 g Tablets
Ingredient: 100 % pure Spirulina

Price : AU$ 280
Free postage
( In Australia only)

2. Spirulina Powder

Product: 400g Spirulina powder
Ingredient: 100 % pure Spirulina
Recommend for new User.

Price: AU$ 85
Gross weight : 480g


Product: 400g powder x 2
Ingredient: 100 % pure
For bulk User.

Price: AU$ 170
Free postage
( In Australia only)



3. CD Rom

Interested to know more about Spirulina before making a purchase?

Yes, you can order this free Spirulina CD, (inclusive Spirulina E-Book) what you pay is just postage.
postage : $5

4. Overseas postage surcharge

Asia under 500g AU$10
Asia 500g~1kg AU$30
Asia 1kg~ 2kg AU$50
Asia 2kg ~3kg AU$70


USA & Canada under 500g AU$10
USA & Canada 500g~1kg AU$30
USA & Canada 1kg ~2kg AU$50
USA & Canada 2kg ~3kg AU$70


Other region under 500g AU$15
Other region 500g~1kg AU$40
Other region 1kg~2 kg AU$70
Other region 2kg~3kg AU$100

How to order

1. Click on the
button below the image of the item which you wish to order.


2. A new Paypal checkout window will be opened with your shopping cart. Here you may input the Qty you wish to purchase. The system will automatically calculate your total amount.


3. overseas orders
please ensure you add the correct postage surcharge for your region.

Overseas postage surcharge
options are located at the bottom of the menu.


4. Check out and fill in your delivery details and payment.

Paypal registered users can simply log into your account .