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No More Organic Spirulina

Since October 2005, most "Organic Spirulina" was from USA. Two major USA companies have both ceased production of "Organic Spirulina", due to the USA Department of Agriculture terminating the use of a fertiliser which was orginally permitted as an organic feed for the growth of Spirulina.

Both two companies have expressed that the new regulation is not safe for production of "Organic Spirulina" , which may have compromised the safety of their product.

Now only China and India are claiming their Spirulina is "Certified Organic". Consumers can find these Spirulina products in the market place.

Our company Australian Spirulina has never claimed our Spirulina is ‘Organically Grown’ as we believe in being honest to all of our customers. Time has established what we insisted from day one, that none of the Spirulina companies can claim it’s a fully organic product, as it is not possible to produce fully organic Spirulina to a high quality.

Why can China, Taiwan, India claim that their product is organic? Do these countries have a better technique than USA or Australia? The answer of course is NO!, the difference is the certifiying system. So, if a consumer is still purchasing "Certified Organic Spirulina" , then you are most likely choosing an inorganic source grown from China or India.

Since October 2005 the USA have ceased production of "Organic Spirulina", more than 3 years have passed and the shelf life of ‘Organic Grown Spirulina’ should have lapsed by 2008.

If you, the consumer wish to know where your Spirulina source is coming from, please contact your current supplier to find out more.

Spirulina products which claim they are ‘Made in Australia’ or ‘Made in New Zealand’ doesn’t mean they are grown in Australia or New zealand. It only indicates that the product has been packaged in Australia or New Zealand only.

Recently, customers may found some Spirulina products that claimed they are "Australian Certified Organic", pretending their product are "Grown in Australia". In fact, these products use 100% imported Spirulina.

It's hard to believe 100% imported Spirulina can receive the "Australian Certified Organic" label, It's strange. And we do not know How? and Why?

Customer should be aware, most of Certified Organic group are private. none official or owned by the Government.

We sugguest customers should check where their Spirulina is sourced from.

What ACCC said about Organic claims:

What is an organic claim?

An organic claim is any claim that describes a product as organic, or the ingredients used to make a product as organic. For example "100% organic", "made using organic ingredients" or "certified organic".

Products labelled as organic generally attract a premium price compared to those produced using artificial fertiliser, chemicals or pesticides and non-essential food additives or processing aids. Businesses that make organic claims must be able to substantiate those claims.

Organic product standards

There is a voluntary Australian standard for growers and manufacturers wishing to label their products "organic" and "biodynamic" (AS 60002009). This standard is a useful reference point when determining whether a product is organic.

"Certified" products

Many products carry a symbol, logo or other trade mark to show that they are certified organic. This certification is provided by various private bodies and the minimum standards required to receive certification may vary.

A business that labels its product as certified organic must ensure that its product is actually certified.

All organic claims, whether they reference a standard or not, should be able to be substantiated. If a business claims to meet a particular standard, it must ensure that this claim is true. /organic-claims


Ambiguous "Australian Certified

You must think an "Australian Certified Organic product" must be a product home grown and produced in Australia right? If you say yes, you may disappointed!

Production in Australia is NOT required.

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Weird "Australian Certified Organic"



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