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Why is our Spirulina so expensive?

With so many brands of Spirulina available, you may be asking yourself "Why should I buy your brand compared to other much cheaper options?". Well, just hear us out for a bit as there are multiple factors involved.

Reason #1:

We grow our own Spirulina in the pollution free parts of Darwin, Australia Vs other companies that import from China/India.

Most often the cheapest options available are all made from 100% imported Spirulina from the above countries, with a simple repackaging to label it as "Made in Australia". As the Spirulina was sourced from a heavily polluted area, there will usually be high levels of contamination and heavy metals.

Our Spirulina is grown locally on site in a pristine environment, using only quality growing mediums and pure mineral water. This is what allows us to create the Spirulina with the lowest heavy metal content in the world (*For more info please refer to this study conducted by King Saud University).

Consuming low quality Spirulina can very quickly lead to a build up of such heavy metals and toxins in your body system. This can lead to many potential long term health problems.

Reason #2:

Our operation costs are much higher as we are based 100% in Australia. All our supplies and our workforce are sourced locally to support Aussies and Aussie businesses.

Reason #3:

Our Spirulina powder is created using an advanced multimillion-dollar patented spray drying system.

(Shown below).

Using this unique patented system we are able to remove almost 100% of all moisture from the harvested algae in less than 10 seconds. This short processing period minimises the Spirulina's loss of nutrients and retains almost all of its natural goodness.

Most other companies do not make use of such a machine and opt for the cheapest method sun-drying their Spirulina or making use of heating elements. Long exposure to air and heat not only destroys a large amount of the natural enzymes, pigments and vitamins, it also leaves the product more susceptible to contamination.

This means that a single one of our tablets, contains significantly higher nutritional value compared to a same size tablet created from other drying methods.

Reason #4:

Our Spirulina tablets contain only 100% Spirulina powder and are made without any binders. Our unique tablet system makes this possible however, we sacrifice production speed in doing so. You can find out about the difference between Spirulina tablets by clicking here.


In Summary

While our product is more expensive than other options, our powder and tablets retain as much of the Spirulina's natural goodness as possible.

What we are offering you is a high quality 100% Australian product instead of something that has been imported and repackaged with an Australian label.