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Spirulina compared to other vitamin sources

Vitamin Spirulina (6g) Other Sources Insufficient vitamins may cause diseases
Beta Carotene Pro Vitamin A 12mg 28 bottles of milk 550 pcs apples Infection, lack of smell, acne, dermatitis, eczema
B1 0.24mg 16 pcs sardines

8 bowls of rice

Insomnia, muscle pain, Memory impairment. Acne, eczema, reduce body resistance, heart malfunction
B2 0.24mg 4 whole potatoes

420 pcs grapes

Cataracts, deteriorated vision, insomnia, stomatitis, rough and dry skin, growth retardation, eczema, vaginal itching
B3 1.02mg 8 pcs lemons Nervousness, dermatitis
B6 43.2ug 90 g bread

4 pcs Asparagus

Heart diseases, insomnia, stomatitis, rough and dry skin, nervousness, eczema, dermatitis
B12 7.2ug 4 pcs eel

240g cheese

Pernicious anemia, ageing fatigue, menstruation problems

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